Best Android Car Stereos Review

4. Pumpkin Android 6.0 Car Stereo - Electric Multi Touch Screen
JOYING 7 Car Stereo 2GB 32GB Android 6.0 Head Unit Double Din
If you are looking for the best Android car stereo that will allow you to do regular phone mirroring, I think I should keep this tight position. For Android smartphones, this 2-Din allows user mirroring and control via a USB cable connection. iPhone users can mirror via AirPlay and Wi-Fi connections.

Finally, the device is manufactured with 1GB of DDR3 RAM, 1.6GHz Cortex A7 quad core, 16GB memory, and of course Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

3.Pioneer AVH4200NEX 2-DIN Receiver, 7 "Power Display

This car, which ranks third in the list, is the same but different car stereos. Okay, so what's the difference? You asked. Well, you can support up to two phones at the same time. This makes it easier for you and your friends to access it and does not require you to put or pull the phone several times. Secondly, the SiriusXM Sxv300 works well with the tuner. And you can use all the features you need - sports flash, traffic, weather and more.

If you are looking for a car stereo to use with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, I am sure you will not find anything better than this because you are carefully crafted of these features.

Last but not least, it suggests that if you search for the best android car stereo with the best quality, you can go looking for this car. Maybe it's a bit expensive compared to others on this list, but it's worth spending.

2.Pioneer AVH-X4800BS 7 "Powered DVD Recorder

Pioneer will be on another list. And a spoiler warning, then one is from Pioneer. Of course, as I said, Pioneer is the best in the industry. Their products hardly disappoint consumers. So what about this 7-inch Pioneer AVH-X4800BS? You asked. Of course, when it comes to the second top of the best Android car stereo list, this one must have something special.

First, let's be honest with me! This is the car I use in my car these days. I like it because I can support two phones at a time like everyone else. Like most Pioneer Android car stereos, it also has built-in Bluetooth.

Also, it is offered in a universal Double Deane size, and I think it will work well with your car. By this date I think this is still the best price.

1.Pioneer AVHX5800BHS 7.0 inch display / Bluetooth built-in 2-DIN receiver

Displays and colors that can be modified and modified in a variety of ways (colors that match the color of your car)
Service life without major problems
Here, we are doing our best for the end. Standing at the top of the list, this 7-inch dual DIN Pioneer AVHX5800BHS is the best. To be honest, my friend, Jim, is using this with his car, and he likes it as much as he can. First of all, well-designed Bluetooth is built in. In other words, you do not have to worry about getting other Bluetooth receivers to use this feature. You may also not have to worry about connection failures.

Secondly, there is a big reason that my friend loves this man so much. My friend likes to listen to the radio along the way. And if you enjoy listening to it like a radio, then you have to invest. It's called HD Radio, so you can listen to the radio with CD-quality sound without distorting the audio. He actually admits that this Android car stereo is the best when it comes to the radio.

I can say that there are continuing positive points such as voice recognition, Mixtrax, audio video quality, and so on. In fact, you can find out more. Best Android Car Stereos Review